“Every Success method, proven to work over the past 50 years has been carefully woven into this Exclusive,
High Performance Business Program guaranteeing you a shorter road to achieving your business goals.”

“You will inevitably become in all respects the average of the 5 people closest to you. So look around?
In business this could be very affordable, or very costly indeed”.

Siimon Reynolds
Co-Founder of The Fortune Institute

You can now join Australia’s Most Exclusive Business Growth Program.

By doing so you will immediately surround yourself
with a Team of Fortune Institute Experts,
Mentors and Coaches, to help you grow your business fast.


The High Achiever Program is about execution and growth.

It is not about ‘learning’ how to grow… it is about growing… there is a big difference.

Every success method proven to work over the past 50 years has been carefully woven into this exclusive, high performance business program guaranteeing you a shorter road to achieving your business goals.

The time has come for you to finally get the most out of your business.This High Achiever Coaching Program is an exclusive monthly support-based mentorship program that runs over a typical 3-year business growth cycle.

It has been crafted meticulously by success experts Siimon Reynolds and Brian Sher to assist an elite group of highly ambitious business owners who want to achieve exponential results fast.

Enrol and participate in this high-involvement program to ensure you achieve your business potential by surrounding yourself with success and excellence.

By joining the High Achiever Program you get instant access to our team of successful and experienced Mentors, Coaches, Experts and other successful business owners immediately.

Membership to the High Achiever Coaching Program uniquely guarantees that you will never be alone in your business and that you are challenged every month to break through your limiting beliefs. It is designed to raise your standards and goals and push you to achieve the maximum possible.

How do we do this?

Our Expert Team and peer support is there for you, when you need it, every step of the way on your business growth journey.

If you want to become world-class and grow quickly, you need to operate like many of the world’s best businesses and be fully supported and held accountable to your own goals. Our High Achiever concept is modelled on the best and is revolutionary big business thinking, brought to small and medium size business owners.

This same process is what the greatest business people and high performance athletes practice, by having expert coaches and advisors around them, that keep them fully focused, engaged, motivated and accountable. They operate at peak performance and are constantly guided with strategic advice and implementation by their coaches. This happens in the High Achiever Program, not just for one weekend seminar, but consistently month in and month out over a 3-year period.

The High Achiever Program has one major focus – total high level accountability, plus we employ cutting edge marketing strategy coupled with implementation and support tailored for your specific business.

To pull a team of this level of support, knowledge and experience together yourself would take months or even years if it were possible and would cost a small fortune.

With the High Achiever program it’s all done and ready to go, at a fraction of the cost, realistically for less than a price of a receptionist.

So Welcome and Congratulations for applying to join the exclusive High Achievers Program.

As the name suggests this is an advanced course for high achievers, it is not for beginners, dreamers or for those that have an issue making a lot of money.

Unfortunately not all business owners will be suitable. Because of that, we are only accepting business owners with talent, passion, speed of execution, a solid business model and a great work ethic.

You’ll need to work, change, adapt, test and implement faster than you probably have ever needed to. You’ll also have other high achievers to push you and accountability measures in place to make sure you follow through.

That being said, the benefits of making it into the program can be enormous.

Many of our clients go from making losses to making many hundreds of thousands in profit each year, or have sold or achieved business valuations for multiple millions thus raising millions in venture capital – you might even be one of them.

What it means to be a High Achiever.

High Achiever is about execution and growth. Being taught the most effective marketing strategy coupled with systems to execute will put your business ahead of the majority of your competition.

Once you have been taught the strategy, we then go a step further and help you implement. This is where many businesses find it tricky because they lack the structure, support and access to resources and experts to get things done easily.

The High Achiever Program is going to change that. It is complete support. We take the focus off of just teaching theory and onto fast execution of growth strategies.

We hold you accountable and support your progress throughout.

While implementing fast, you will learn and witness world-class practical business strategies at work that produce results and profits quickly. As a bonus you will also create friendships and alliances with high-level business people in your peer group.

However, you’ll need to move fast with this application, because we will not accept procrastinators (we see this as a sign for how you operate and might implement).

We will not “hold” spots open. We will go with those who accept the invitation, pay their deposit to hold their position and attend the initial phone interview. As soon as we have our quota of members, applications will close.

So, let’s go through some details and then we will provide you with the application process.

High Achiever is focused on returning at least three times your investment in the program every year.

We will offer you everything you need for exponential growth; education, support, implementation, direction, accountability, feedback, mentoring, coaching, strategy and a huge network of outsourced suppliers who can assist you (web designers, copywriters, SEO, PPC, social media experts, online marketers, etc).

No one else out there in the business coaching market offers this level of support.

Please note: the industry you belong to is irrelevant, this program applies to businesses that want growth. It is not focused on “startups” or “exits”.

It is designed for real business people who want to grow their business fast with full support from the best and most experienced experts in Australia.

So here’s what to expect when you participate in the High Achiever Program.

Step 1: The Master Business Accelerator Workshop

Once you have joined this elite program, the very first thing you will do is be scheduled into our 2 Day Master Business Accelerator. This will occur within a few weeks or your application being accepted.

The workshop is designed with just one thing in mind, and that is to get your head in the right place and your mind fully focused on what your task and the road ahead will look like. The single purpose of the MBA is to help you identify those things which are holding you back right now.

Step 2: Four x 2-Day High Achiever Weekend Retreats with Siimon Reynolds & Team

Retreats are held four times a year in Sydney. We meet in a beautiful hotel to put you in the right environment for creativity and inspiration.

These weekend retreats are the strategic cornerstones of the High Achiever Program. It’s where you get ‘out’ of your business and focus wholly and solely on growing it. This is ‘your’ time. These retreats work primarily as strategic ‘implementation deadlines’. You use them as key points and getaways to get things in place in your business.

Day 1: Will be focused on new learning and up skilling with the entire High Achiever fraternity. You will hear strategic presentations from Siimon Reynolds, Brian Sher and other experts to provide major insights and thought leadership.

Day 2: This will entail even more strategy but also implementing the previous days concepts into your own businesses. This is a content and workshop day.

The retreats themselves will have a number of elements to make them work.

We use a powerfully constructed format so that you get in-depth, world-class business growth training covering the latest ‘best practices’. You also get structured coaching, mentoring, sharing and Q&A time.

You’ll also mix with your peers, so you’ll learn from them too. By the pure nature of High Achievers you will have a plethora of elite business people who you can learn from and share with to help each other grow through sharing of skills.

Each 2-day retreat sets you up and gets you focused on what your goals are for the next 180 days, with great clarity incorporating what is learnt and gives you strategies to go back to your business to implement/action. The retreat not only helps you do this, but it makes sure you achieve these goals, with the support of your coach each month between the next retreat, plus it gives you the exact tools to measure your progress.

So there is no guessing or wondering how you are doing, it is scientific and precise. It is these same numbers which will be used to help hold you accountable for your progress made. There is nowhere to hide and no excuses, which is what propels you to actual achievement.

After the retreat you will get home ready to execute and delegate the key tasks to your teams to execute for you.

Your membership covers the 2-day trainings and food and drink for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Your travel, accommodation, breakfast and dinner are your expense.

Step 3: Four x Quarterly Planning Days

These planning days are scheduled to coincide with the High Achiever Weekend Retreats and you will meet for a full day in Sydney in a boardroom setting with your Accountability Coach and other High Achievers.

This is an interactive workshop that operates on four principals; strategy, accountability, planning and sharing. You will review and restructure your 90-Day Action Plans based on improving your targeted KPI figures from our initial 2-Day MBA course.

Step 4: High Achiever Individual Coaching Sessions

Weekly Implementation Coaching Calls: These are one-on-one coaching calls with your High Achiever Implementation Coach for interim direction, execution, issue discussion and accountability, available to you each and every Tuesday.

Quarterly Accountability Coaching Calls: Siimon’s Accountability Coaches will keep you on track and driven each quarter. They will use your 90-Day Action and 12 Month Strategic Plans as a foundation. These 45 minute one-on-one coaching calls are focused on motivating and holding you accountable to your plans and are scheduled each quarter.

Step 5: Private Mentoring Consults With Siimon & Brian

These are 4 one-on-one phone or Skype mentoring sessions per year with Siimon Reynolds or Brian Sher. Each call is 30 minutes long and you can use each consultation when you need them, plus you choose the mentor that fits best.

We are ready to provide advice on any issue relating to your business. If you need to raise capital, need help with your strategic marketing plan, an introduction to an industry player, need us to sit on your board etc, we are here to help.

These will be scheduled when you need them or as issues arise. We can schedule these throughout the year or you can use them individually when you need them.

Step 6: Monthly Online Q&A Sessions with Siimon Reynolds

Each month you can jump onto a live online group Q&A session with Siimon Reynolds who will directly answer any of your questions. For efficiency you can also email Siimon your queries prior to each session. All sessions (up to 2 hours) are recorded and the audio is placed in the Members’ Area.

Step 7: Expert Implementation Web Seminars

Every second month we will bring in an Expert to cover topics including productivity, online marketing, sales, SEO, Google Adwords, copywriting and social media. These 1-hour online sessions are interactive and intensive, giving you the latest and most cutting edge developments in business.

These webinars are all recorded and the video is placed in the Members’ Area.

Step 8: Private Facebook Group, Members’ Area & Total Entrepreneur Course

Each High Achiever Member has access to the Members’ Area and also the Total Entrepreneur Video Course (24 videos). All templates, audios, videos and notes are kept here for further study.

In the online members’ site you’ll be able to log in 24/7 and access over 35 hours of online video business content strategy, training videos, download templates, tools and other growth related material. This is a fantastic $60,000 library for you and your staff to access. Modules include:

  • Marketing Ideas Worth Millions
  • Making Millions with your Website
  • Selling Ice to Eskimos
  • Build a Million Dollar Business
  • Marketing Power
  • Great Business Leaders
  • Fast Growth
  • Copywriting that Sells

You’ll also get:

  • Resources

    One of the keys to fast growth is fast access to proven resources that work. By having these proven resources and strategies handy it’ll fast track your growth. None of us like the long process of selection, so if we can provide elite-level resources that work… It’s a no brainer.

    We will give you access to our resources, the best people and ‘things’ that can execute the best strategies for business growth. Whether it’s accountants, lawyers, CRM software, fax-out services, Adwords consultants, web designers, graphic designers, photographers, social media managers, bookkeepers etc.

  • Accountability

    For this reason, we will not be popular with you at times. We will ask more of you than you would of yourself. Expect this. And with that expectation understand that we will provide you with the support and direction you need to help you grow your business and realise your potential… Even if you don’t agree with it at the time.

    By now you’re realising this is all about learning, sharing and accountability. Execution is what will get you the growth and therefore the time and the money.

    A major part of this will be the KPI scoreboard. These KPI’s are growth yardsticks and everyone in the peer group will know everyone else’s, so you will be encouraging each other. Everyone will be able to see the ‘scoreboard’.

    So you’ll have pressure to perform.

  • Environment

    The High Achiever environment is where you will feel at home to develop your business to the extreme levels you know deep down you possess.

    We will also demand that you stick to your commitments each 90 days and deliver on them. And we get the group to demand it of you too. That way you’ll be able to reach your potential or drop out through not making the grade.

  • Community

    Hanging with business people doesn’t help you grow. Hanging with elite-level, action-orientated, clever small business people who are adding millions to their business does. In fact, it’ll demand you to grow. You will be in a community where it is expected that you grow.

    You’ll be in a community where everyone fully focuses. Everyone is exceptional. Everyone ‘gets it’ and everyone encourages you to be the best you can be.

  • Support

    You’ll have full support throughout your membership – this is the basis of your program. You will have learning, mentors, coaches and your peers to support you.

    In business things go amazingly well, average and really bad. Expect all of it. It’s life and it’s business. We’ll be here to support and help you.

    However, remember this is not a babysitting service – it is for elite and capable business people. We cannot make you successful, we can only help you become more successful and faster than you are now.

    You still need to execute and take responsibility for that – this we cannot do for you. We expect you to set goals and then execute them as fast as you can and we are here to support you with everything we have got. This is an advanced club so we expect advanced mental capacity, action and execution.
    Please note: If we have members that somehow get through the application criteria, but bring the group down or do not meet their own goals and KPI’s, we will move them out.

Why Join?

If you want guaranteed results then having this support with a coach, mentors and peers who keep you accountable is the answer.

We’ve helped over 10 000 business owners to implement more than they ever thought possible. Knowing which projects to implement is important but not as important as implementing them. Once you commence the program, ‘success or quit’, are your only options. And no one wants to quit.

What is it?

Our High Achiever group coaching has proven to be more powerful than ‘one-on-one’ coaching alone because you are accountable to your peer group as well as to us and in turn you have more successful people to learn from. It’s all about being accountable, learning new strategy and sharing and growing with your business peers.

The focus starts immediately in our unique 2-Day MBA Workshop. This is where we help you map out where you are now and we clearly illustrate how to achieve your desired outcomes. We will work with you to show you exactly how to get there and hold you accountable to these goals while providing expert assistance and guidance consistently.

The High Achiever Program focuses on providing support to you to improve your core key performance indicators (KPIs). You will track and report these numbers and we will closely monitor your progress. We will help you implement multiple strategies to improve each metric and work with you to fine-tune them month-by-month.

Here are some of the possible core KPIs, plus we will also assign industry specific KPIs as well:

  • Sales
  • Gross Profits
  • Net Profits
  • Cashflow
  • Costs
  • Net Worth
  • Company Value
  • Traffic or lead flow
  • Conversion Rate
  • New clients
  • Retention clients and customers
  • Sales funnel efficiency
  • Website Analytics
  • Cost Per Lead


  • Membership Inclusions

  • 2-day MBA Workshop in Sydney
  • Monthly 2-hr online Brainstorming Sessions with Siimon
  • 4 x High Achiever Retreats with Siimon and Brian
  • 6 x Expert Implementation Web Seminars 
  • Total Entrepreneur Video Course
  • High Achiever Members’ Area – templates, audios, videos
  • 4 x Quartlery Planning Days
  • 4 x Mentoring Consults 1-to-1 calls with Siimon or Brian
  • Quarterly Accountability Coaching & Weekly Implemenation Coaching Calls
  • Access to Siimon and Brian’s Rolodex/Contacts

How Does It Work?

You start your journey by attending the 2-Day MBA Business Planning Workshop. Following the completion of these 2 days, you will then have a one-on-one consultation with your coach to get you started on the right implementation path, based on your desired outcomes. You will then be assessed and grouped with 7 other non-competing businesses on similar development paths.

You are held accountable monthly by your coach, mentors and your peers. You will also meet quarterly in your small peer group for a 1-Day face-to-face Mastermind Session (live in Sydney). You will also have scheduled one-on-one phone consults with your Accountability Coach each month between the Mastermind Sessions. You have 8 phone consults and 4 full day Live Group Mastermind Sessions each year.

You are required to ‘report in’ monthly and continue to learn new strategy from coach Matt Malouf and mentors Brian Sher and Siimon Reynolds.

Each month you will submit your previous month’s KPI numbers before your coaching contact.

We will immerse you in new business strategy and marketing concepts at our 2-Day Retreats with Siimon Reynolds. We host each Retreat in a beautiful Sydney hotel so this is your time to get out of your business and focus solely on your business.

You also have access to all of the learning material online for convenient study and have unlimited access to your Accountability Coach via email if and when you need it.

High Achiever Program Description

  • 1. The 2 Day MBA Workshop

    Planning, goal setting, financial and marketing metrics, a marketing plan and sales conversion will be covered over the 2 days. You will leave this workshop with a 90-Day Action Plan and your individual list of relevant KPIs to monitor, track and improve with the strategies Matt Malouf and Brian Sher provide.

    VALUE $2,000 per partner

  • 2. Weekly Access to Fortune’s Implementation Coach

    If you have a problem you want solved, need strategic advice or you’d like access to an important contact, you’ll have a Business Coach on standby to help available to you each and every Tuesday. You’ll save time & money and you’ll get the right advice when you need it most.

    VALUE $7,200 p/a

  • 3. Quarterly Accountability Coaching

    If you have a problem you want solved, need strategic advice or you’d like access to an important contact, you’ll have a Business Coach on standby to help available to you each and every Tuesday. You’ll save time & money, and you’ll get the right advice when you need it most.

    VALUE $4,000 p/a

  • 4. Quarterly Planning Days

    These planning days are scheduled to coincide with the High Achiever Weekend Retreats and you will meet for a full day in Sydney in a boardroom setting with your Accountability Coach and other High Achievers.

    This is an interactive workshop that operates on four principals; strategy, accountability, planning and sharing. You will review and restructure your 90-Day Action Plans based on improving your targeted KPI figures from our initial 2-Day MBA course.

    VALUE $6,000 p/a

  • 5. Three x Weekend Retreats With Siimon Reynolds

    You will get together on a regular basis with Siimon Reynolds, Brian Sher, the Fortune Team and Special Guest Entrepreneurs. Each retreat is held in Sydney and you will make invaluable connections, build business relationships and create joint venture opportunities. Each Weekend Retreat will give you access to the latest proven, tested, breakthrough marketing strategies, ideas and technologies relevant to your specific business.

    VALUE $15,000 p/a

  • 6. Four x Private Mentoring Consults With Siimon Reynolds & Brian Sher

    At your convenience you have access to Brian Sher or Siimon Reynolds for mentoring advice each year. Calls are 30 minutes long and you can use each consultation when you need it, plus you chose the mentor that fits best. All sessions can easily be booked via phone. These are invaluable and give you access to strategic business advice as well as a long list of connections to help your business explode.

    VALUE $6,000 p/a

  • 7. Monthly Live Brainstorming Sessions with Siimon Reynolds

    These monthly 2 hour group online sessions are a time for you to ask Siimon anything about business plus he will profile a current marketing trend or topic.

    VALUE $6,000 p/a

  • 8. High Achiever Marketing Audit With Brian Sher

    You will receive help developing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and an initial audit of your marketing material and strategy. This collateral could be your website, brochure material, landing page, telemarketing/conversion scripts, TV, radio or print ads. Brian will critique and provide advice and offer changes that can significantly increase your sales conversion and lead generation.

    VALUE $5,000 p/a

  • 9. Bimonthly Expert Implementation Web Seminars

    Every second month throughout the year we will cover topics including productivity, online marketing, SEO, Google Adwords, copywriting and social media. These 1-hour sessions are interactive and intensive giving you the latest and most cutting-edge developments in business.

    VALUE $3,000 p/a

  • 10. The Fortune Members’ Area, Private Facebook Group & Total Entrepreneur Course

    The Members’ Area is filled with templates and marketing strategies, plus all recordings of the Retreats, Brainstorming Sessions and the Expert Web Seminars. Additionally you get access to study the Total Entrepreneur Course (our premier online business school course) at your leisure. There are 24 comprehensive 40 minute lessons presented by Siimon Reynolds focusing on all areas of business strategy and systems.

    VALUE $2,490 p/a

  • 11. Access to Siimon and Brian’s Rolodex/Contacts

    This is a priceless opportunity. If you need strategic direction or a service provider we know the best in the business. If you need help raising capital, finding a new premise, building a website or running a campaign, just ask.

    VALUE $10,000 p/a

Total Value $66,690

Who Is It Suited To?

The High Achiever Program is suited to any size firm that wants to fast-track its development, grow revenue, increase profits and add value to their customers.

We guarantee that you will achieve a 3-times return on your monthly investment – provided you implement the ideas and take action fast.


IF YOU APPLY all of our High Achiever techniques, strategies and systems in the first year of the Program and you do not at least triple your investment with us we will give your money back in full.


Who are your circle of Experts,
Mentors and Coaches?


Siimon Reynolds


Siimon Reynolds is one of the country’s most respected marketing experts, entrepreneurs and authors. He has won numerous business awards and is Co-Founder of the Photon Group, which grew in 9 years from two people to the 15th largest marketing group in the world, with over 50 companies employing 6000 full and part-time staff, valued on the Australian Stock Exchange at over $500 million. Siimon knows how to succeed in business and now you can learn his wisdom direct from the man himself at one of the world’s fastest growing business schools, The Fortune Institute.

“Siimon’s incisive thinking and brilliant business mind has driven him to the top of our fiercely competitive industry. His ability to communicate what he knows in simple yet powerful ways clearly makes him a leader amongst our profession.”

John Singleton MD, BRW Rich 200 Member

Brian Sher


Brian Sher, over 25 years, has established himself as a respected pioneer and business growth specialist. He has helped countless businesses grow over a 20 year period, including start ups as well as businesses doing tens of millions of dollars per annum. He has an outstanding reputation in the business world and is a successful best selling author on the topic of business and marketing. He has been involved in helping many businesses grow and expand through his various companies and is The Fortune Institute’s CEO.

“Sage advice… That is what you will receive if Brian decides to be your mentor. Brian has been part of a journey that has seen E-Web Marketing become one of Australia’s most highly coveted companies to work for, with repeated top rankings on BRW’s Best Places to Work list and unrelenting year-on-year growth. If you are action-oriented and want to accelerate your success, this is the man to help.”

Joshua Hay

Matt Malouf

Fortune Institute Head Coach

Matt Malouf has a degree in Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance which saw him start his career with Ernst & Young, but he quickly worked out that he had a passion for helping people and a passion for business.

He spent 10 years in the Health & Fitness Industry working with Australia’s largest Personal Training company and later owning his own successful Health Studio in Sydney. After successfully building and selling this enterprise Matt was looking for his next challenge, which saw him join his 2 passions to work closely with business owners to build the freedom and fulfilment they crave.

Matt’s strengths are helping business owners get on the right path to enable them to build the business of their dreams. He helps entrepreneurs break down each area of their business into simple projects and then works with them to ensure implementation and traction from these simple strategies, ultimately leading to your success.

He has been a business owner for over 10 years and owns several successful businesses. Matt joined the Fortune Institute in 2012.

Paul Hooley

Paul Hooley has extensive experience in creating and implementing growth strategies for small and medium businesses. He has worked for and with both large and small companies in many different roles that range from National Sales Manager to Training Consultant. This experience has given Paul a unique insight into the inner workings of organisations and the key factors that make them successful.

As a business owner and coach for over 8 years Paul has worked with businesses in 39 different industries with a high level of success. In 2010-12 Paul’s Client revenues grew by $10M by applying the simple proven strategies he teaches. To date Paul has personally coached over 1,045 people one-on-one.

In 2013 Paul co-founded and launched a digital business magazine specifically for SME owners to help share information, education and strategies that work. Paul joined The Fortune Institute’s accountability team in March 2014.

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